Key Benefits

DHCS is a more cost effective and greener choice compared to conventional heating and air-conditioning systems which provide warm or cool air to the building environment.

Lower Costs (Fixed & Variable)

  • Reduced Up-front Cost
    • No need to install major chiller and heating equipment such as chillers, boilers, cooling towers, hot water generators, primary pumps
    • Lower building construction cost
  • Reduced Operations Cost
    • Centralised DHCS plant produces chilled and hot water during cheaper off peak hours that can realise more cost savings while allowing the DHCS plant to operate continuously and efficiently
  • Reduced Staff & Maintenance Cost
    • No need to maintain major chilling and heating equipment like chillers, cooling towers, boilers
    • Keppel DHCS is able to maintain air-side equipment for customers

Space Saving

  • Customers need not construct or install chiller and boiler plant room, cooling towers and High Tension substation
  • Better usage of space

Optimised Installed Capacity

  • By aggregating the customers’ energy loads through the DCS and DHCS, the overall installed capacity can be lower compared to if each building used a separate heating and cooling unit
  • Customers declare and pay for the actual installed load, unlike conventional air-conditioning wherein building owner typically would install equipment with 25% to 50% redundancy

Uninterruptable Service Delivery (Multi–layered redundancies)

  • Provides redundancies that include mechanical, electrical and control backup, emergency generator, Thermal Energy Storage Tanks and loop pipe reticulation network to ensure uninterruptable supply of chilled and hot water to customers
  • 24-hour one-stop service & technical support
    • Immediate response with Keppel DHCS staffs located nearby

Easy as “Plug & Use”

  • Fast start-up
    • Hot and chilled water supply & heat exchanger ready for use
  • Shorter lead time for load expansion
    • 3 to 6 months

Flexibility in Load Demand

  • Servicing and maintenance of DHCS plant equipment are under the care of Keppel DHCS
  • Customers focus more on core business activities with no worries on heating and air-conditioning interruption

Safe and Environmentally-Friendly Workplace

  • No noise and air pollution at customers’ buildings as major chilling and heating equipment like chiller, cooling towers, boiler etc. are located away from customers’ buildings
  • Eliminate the risk of Legionnaire’s disease and bacteria associated with cooling towers at customers’ premises
  • Centralise handling of refrigerant at DHCS plants
  • Energy-efficient system reduces overall carbon footprint
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