The primary business of Keppel DHCS is the development and operation of district heating and cooling systems (DHCS).

DHCS is an installation of a centrally chilled and hot water processing plant to serve a cluster of buildings for their heating and air-conditioning needs.

A typical DHCS would comprise major equipments such as chillers, boilers, cooling towers, thermal storage tanks, hot water generator, heat exchanger stations with energy metering at the customer's buildings.

At the district cooling & heating plant, water is chilled down or heated to the designed temperature and continuously supplied through a network of distribution pipes to the buildings within a district.

In tandem with providing high-quality chilled water service for air-conditioning purpose, we are also capable of maintaining air-conditioning equipment (e.g., air-diffusers, air-handling units, secondary water pumps) for our customers. This one-stop service will ensure total air-conditioning system reliability and convenience for the customers.

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